About us
We believe by developing people's potential we build a better world.
All about people
"Our company's biggest asset are people. We believe in developing potential
of every individual. Discovering your unique skills and applying them in your life and work - this is what can truly make each one of us happier and our world better. Every day we design programs and solutions aiming to positively transform employees career and life, which in turn will have a positive spill over effect
on those around them: their colleagues, families, friends, students, entire institutions and government."

Marina Lantseva
CEO and Co-founder of Learning Space
Our values
Designing with care
Our main driver as human beings is to create new things and do good. We thrive on building great programs and serving our customers with passion and believe it makes the world a better place. Each project is done with tremendous care and dedication, as we would do for ourselves.
Acting mindfully
Each of us is unique. We recognise this fact, build and thrive on it. We never stop in our own development both as professionals
and people and lead by example.
We are pouring our soul into our programs and aiming to not only enable knowledge and skills development, but also foster behavioral change and mindfullness.
Striving to win
We are curious and courageous team.
We are striving to realise our ambitions while enjoying what we do. We learn from our mistakes and consider them part of a journey. You can turn to us with challenging projects and we will always help you make it a success.
Our achievements
of successful work with corporates
in developing their employees
people successfully completed
our online programs
talent programs designed
for companies and NGOs
training hours
slides for e-learning courses
hours of video content
Core team
  • Marina Lantseva
    Co-founder and CEO
    11 years of experience in developing people potential through complex talent solutions and tailored leadership and educational programs for business with over 300 000 participants.
  • Maria Balioz
    Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer
    12 years of experience in talent programs design and management and business events. Organised a number of international educational events for over 2 200 participants.
Nadezhda Annenkova
Producer & Lead Methodologist
Elena Dzyuba
Producer & Lead Methodologist
Maria Antropova
E-learning Design Manager
Valeria Magdanurova
E-learning designer
Yulia Ladeishchikova
Ksenia Ilyanovich
Yulia Kazakova
Olga Kuznetsova
Ekaterina Kutuzova
Ekaterina Molodtsova
Anastasiia Plotnikova
Svetlana Polyakova
Marina Suzdaleva
Alyona Ugrinova
Yulia Phephilova
Alexandra Cheremera
Yulia Yudakova
Tatiana Yukhnevich
Arina Yarovaya
Ulyana Dudarenko
Svetlana Ivanova
Vladislav Leonenko

Natalya Lavygina
Pyotr Sharpilov

Alexey Yurov
Mark Ipatov
Lyubov Kapustina
Mariya Alekseenok
Evgenia Ladeishchikova
Yulia Polzunova
Ekaterina Tolmacheva
Daniyar Adigamov
Director of Research Center 'Laboratory of Alternative History', entrepreneur, researcher, director of Deloitte in Deloitte CIS
Hannes Chopra
Denis Grishanov
Vera Boyarkova
Alexander Filatov
Chairman of Young Presidents Organization, former CEO of Sberbank Insurance LLC
Financial expert with over 20 years of consulting in business models design
HR Director at Leroy Merlin
Co-founder of "Genesis Holding" and "SP Capital", former CEO
of the holdings "Russian Machines" and Chelyabinsk Pipes Production Plant Group", YPO member

Social responsibility
As a way of giving back to the community, we are happy to support youth organisations and NGOs and share our expertise in talent training programs design and consulting. If you are interested and need support, please drop a note to Maria on maria.balioz@gmail.com with the title "NGO".