E-learning examples
Choose the one that suits you
from various formats


Universal format for corporate training, which allows you to:
  • combine theory with interactive tasks;
  • progressively (from slide to slide) to be trained in a comfortable rhythm.
We use different approaches for user engagement:
Illustrations and infographics, gamification components, storytelling, interactive tasks, and testing, video inserts and gifs, comics and audio performances, and voice acting.

  • static
  • animated
  • interactive
  • mixed

The leading format for packaging large amounts of text.
This is a separate web page that allows you to:
  • convey information in an interesting and structured way;
  • place illustrations, slide shows, video-audio - materials, practical tasks, and links to external resources.
  • interactive article
  • landing page format with a table of contents
  • mixed format materials


One of the most popular and attractive online learning formats
that makes it easy to consume even the most complex information.

  • speaker in the studio (1-2 cameras)
  • story video
  • hand-drawn video (scribing, 2D)
  • video comic/video presentation
  • video instructions

A practice-oriented format that allows you to simulate
a real work situation and work out a skill in a safe environment.

  • dialogue simulator
  • video simulator
  • speech simulator
  • internal software simulator
  • games