Impactful interactive online courses, boosting productivity and employees engagement.
  • Complex topics explained in simple terms
    You can rest assured that we will design quality
    and engaging e-learning, which will suit your needs and lead to learners' knowledge retention even
    in case of the most complex topics
  • Need a solution, but don't have any materials
    We design e-learning even when there are no
    pre-existing or supporting materials available.
    We will gather content by talking to your employees, identifying existing processes, trends and practices and will produce a fit for purpose course
  • Short timeline & burning deadllines
    We can get engaged quickly and take a project
    up at any stage and produce a quality solution without comprimising on quality or design time
    We choose formats, include interactive formats and gamification that allow your employees integrate training into his work
  • Training material is presented in slide format, where learners offered various interactive mechanics.

    You can choose to add:
    voiceover, videos, screen recordings, infographics, tests, simulations, program or dialogue simulator.
  • 1. Video with an expert, shot in a studio, office or production site
    2. Video with 2D animation or visual scribing

    You can choose to add: infographics, other video materials (i.e. film parts or pre-recorded role play)
  • Interactive article, combining text, images, infographics and tests.

    You can choose to add: audio performances, quizes, any videos or slide courses
  • A practice-oriented format that allows you to simulate
    a real work situation and work out a skill in a safe environment
What makes our e-learning courses effective?
    Clear goals and measurable results help the company understand how effective the course was on facts,
    not on feelings
    Training on examples and cases helps your employee
    form a skill. Customized courses are always better than boxed solutions
    Different types of perception allows you to bring content up to the maximum number of employees
    Visualisation and good UX of the course under
    the company's brand helps every user intuitively navigate the material and complete it faster with better results
    Game mechanics and interactive formats allow you to keep the user's attention and increase profitability
    Adjusting the level of complexity to different target audiences allows employees to learn what is relevant
    to them right now
End to end e-learning design: from inception to completion
  • Define a business problem that e-learning should resolve
  • Define key metrics and measures of succes
Review request for proposal
Suggest format options
  • Identify target audience neeeds and available materials
  • Prepare a range of examples to showcase
  • Create a project timeline and align it with you
Design e-learning
  • Design learning content, including all business examples and learning techniques, such as case studies, interactions, quizzes and tests
  • Work out course design and brandin
  • We manage full cycle of e-learning design, including content development, visual design, branding, user interactions and voiceover
  • When it comes to video formats, we manage production end to end: from finding location to speaker preparation and video editing to graphic design
Design content
Share with you ready e-learning
  • We give you fully packaged e-learning in SCORM format for upload to your LMS
  • We also share the originals for future updates
Technical support and effectiveness evaluation
  • We provide you 2 weeks of hypercare for technical support with the solution
  • We will also provide you with a solution evalutation survey to track the course effectiveness
Talk to our Learning Space expert about your organisation's unique talent development needs
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