Unlocking employees potential through effective talent development programs
Helping employees and teams reach their goals effectively
According to research by Talent Development Association, companies, which have hollistic talent portfolio, have 24% higher profits and 218% shared income per employee, than those that don't.
According to research by Talent Development Association, companies, which have hollistic talent portfolio, have 24% higher profits and 218% shared income per employee, than those that don't.
Methodology design principles
Achieving your goals
Learning pathways help effectively upskill employees, create culture of life-long learning, boost employee engagement and successfully achieve business goals.
Employee's motivation
Employees completing our programs not only gain knowledge and skills, but also get motivated to continue their learning&development.
Long-term solutions
Using our signature approach to methodology design we create long-lasting and effective programs that
are easily adaptable to any business changes.
Effective programs
Our programs span a variety of formats – e-learning, face to face training, mentoring, change management programs and many more – and are designed with clear measurement in mind, providing ROI to business.
Our products
Pre-boarding and onboarding programs, enabling shorter ramp up and productivity time for new employees. Well designed onboarding experience helps employees to adapt quicker to company processes and increase their retention.
Talent Pipeline & Succession Planning Solutions
Talent pipeline & succession planning processes enable transparency in career development, better match between employee performance and aspirations and organizational opportunities
and helps to support employees retention and high potentials.
Change management & knowledge sharing
This includes change management activities to help companies transform their processes and better adapt
to changes as well as encourage knowledge and best practice sharing within the company.
Personalised on-the-job onboarding
Specialised programs to support individuals in their induction process
and shorten time to productivity period.
Leadership development
Leadership programs for senior management, mentoring and fast-track career acceleration programs.
Skills development and behavior change
Talent programs for employees professional and personal development, covering soft, hard and digital skills.
Research & current state analysis
Define purpose, learning goals and KPI
Create a learner / (user) profile:
  • define the start point 'A' –
    a current user profile based
    on "knowledge - skills - behavioural model - motivational and communication characteristics"
  • define the end point 'Z' – end goal for learning experience after
    a program completing
Talent program methodology design
    • define program structure
      and duration
    • plan learner journey through program
    • define program evalutation metrics
    • ensure program is aligned
      with the overall company learning cycle, business
      and HR processes pipeline
    Design learner journey:
    Detail out program content:
    • detail out content of each program block and items within
    • define learning formats
    • adapt program to different employee levels, if needed
    • add supporting processes
      (i.e. mentor's support)
      as and if needed
    Run a program pilot:
    • ensure a program is aligned
      with a company strategy
      and learning & development framework
    • test selected formats and gather feedback
    • tweak the content, if needed
    Preparation for production:
    • prepare specification
      with relevant examples
    • we will run a training session for your providers (if not us design it) based on the methodology developed
    • we pass full methodology
      (in Excel format) and its summary (up to 15 slides) to you
    Design program structure / agenda:
    • define program purpose
      and principles
    • outline the program results based on employees expected knowledge - skills - behaviour - motivation
    • design main program blocks
      and map out content
    • analyse target audience needs, existing talent development programs, processes and data
    • conduct interviews with top-managers, HR and employee focus groups
    • we set the goals and products' KPI
    • predicting impact on business indicators
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