Learning Space
is AI platform for education and development
AI platform for design of methodology for corporate education and development.
The target of methodology is launching a logical and effective training program
with paying attention to the needs and unique features of a company.
Proper logic in a structure and content of a track which let you achieve the target
Educational programs are not refreshed really fast and they become outdated because of changing of business process in a company
Practical basis: cases, tasks and accompanying materials are selected and adapted
A clear system of monitoring and rating of the learning efficiency
An educational program is planned in according to cycles of recruitment and employee indoctrination
Training starts leaving out of accountant of needs of the company and employees
Employees proceed to training just for the record and don't transform their behavior
Employees gain knowledge but they can't put it to use
Employees don't realize why they need to take this course. They memorize information for examination by bosses only not for practical using
The information is not systematized and presented without any structure. It creates difficulties for understanding
Training ignores workload of employees and people who work at the company are overwhelmed with information
A training track is made in according to trends of online education and adapted to the culture and values of a company
People-centred approach
Opposite to current systems with large unstructured data and low speed of changes implementation, our system based on a people-centered approach and processing already collected data with the help of AI.
A company is "a living organism", it grows and progresses. Education should correspond closely and be planned in accordance with an opportunity to introduce changes in harmony with updating a business process.
The main principle is creation of methodology with taking into account the features of every company. There are no two similar methods of development and training as there are no two similar companies.
Individual approach
Not having
An emotional involvement and a motivational part are planned. And an emotional path of a client (user) is designed
Road map
2021: Voice AI
Helps to mange large data sets
Recommends and communicates
Teaches and develops
2022: AI for Human Development
Forms individual and group tracks of employees' development
2026: Baddy AI
Assistant for personal development in company
2028: Transformation of corporate culture to human-centered universe
Human development index
Human-centered approach
organized events
in creating educational online and offline products
educational and business events
with the number of participants
from 10 to 2,000 people
successfully passed
our online training
360 000+
Individual approach
We create customized programs aimed at solving specifically your business objectives. In the development process, we focus on specific features of your business, its corporate culture, values and development models.
and love
We are not only experts in the field of personal development, management and leadership, we are people who are passionate and in love with our work.
We are fans of what we create and we aim to do everything with maximum effective output.
on results
Our team are professionals who value their reputation. We do not just follow all our agreements with you and try to meet your expectations - we strive to exceed them!
Each project is a new challenge for us.
Achievement of goals. You will be sure that an educational track is not only a set of presentations and video lessons, but also a whole system which lets business gain long-term results.
Besides confident knowledge and skills, employees will have a full and deep motivation for self-development and education.
The programs based on EXD methodology are created for a long term and in case of changing of the business process, you don't need to do over the whole track. It's enough to replace a part of materials without any harm to efficiency and results.
Goals achivement
Employee efficiency
Long-term solution
Using EXD methodology
gives you
Online adaptation course for new employees
Online and offline executive development programs
HR information System Voice Assistant
Online training of employees for promotion
> Reduce training time
>Create a program that you can go through without interruption from the main job
> Teach employees to "want" to develop and be successful
> Implement employee experience into a single training program
> Test training formats and choose the right one for you
> Structure large amounts of information
> Form a unified approach of managers to team management
> Prepare the company to rapid growth and change
> Increase team motivation and increase the volume of tasks
> Create a culture of achievement and ownership to the common cause
> Reducing personal involvement in the integration of new employees
> Increase the efficiency of training new employees
> Reduce the time of integration of new employees into the position
> Structure all the information: instructions, checklists and materials, etc.
> Make an automated assessment system
Marina Lantseva
Cofounder, CEO
  • South Ural State University (National Research University) - master in organization management
  • 10 years in building educational, leadership and acceleration programs for business
  • Ex-program director of the Russian Economy Foundation and ex-head of youth programs in Leroy Merlin
Maria Balioz
  • The Russian Presidential Academy of national economy and public administration - master of public relations
  • 11 years in management of international projects and events
  • Ex-head of the Russian Economy Foundation
  • Creator of 50 educational event with more than 60 000 participants
Cofounder, COO
Valeria Loran
PR director
Alina Dunaeva
Project manager
Maria Antropova
Project manager
Съемочная команда
Дизайнеры и верстальщики
Methodologies team
Nadezhda Annenkova
Project manager
Designers team
Konstantin Maslennikov
  • A graduate of South Ural State University, Draper University and Stanford ExecEd program
  • Serial entrepreneur founded companies TakeBus and Projector Group
  • Engineering degree in Telecommunication
Cofounder, CTO
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Cofounder, CEO
Maria Balioz
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Cofounder, COO
Konstantin Maslennikov
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Cofounder, CTO
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