Develop potential in everyone

Develop methodology
Create programs
Provide trainings
From methodology
to completed course
For business of any scale


of creating educational online and offline products
educational and business, with the number of participants from 10 to 2,000 people
successfully completed our online training


360 000+

A team of professionals who are ready to solve your business problems quickly, efficiently and for reasonable money

The methodology used by our experts allows you to work with
both knowledge and skills, as well as with motivation for positive changes in your work and personal life

All programs are designed taking into account the unique corporate culture and goals of your company

We help employees to form not only specific skills, we teach the method of developing the acquired skills in the future

What is Learning Space?

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Why do you need us?

Specialists of the Department of Training and Development

Business owners

Lack of resources and time to create an educational course
The need to develop a single centralized management strategy in the company
The constant need to monitor new trends in educational methods
The complexity of operational training of a large flow of new employees
An abundance of training content that is ineffective at the output
Lack of interest of the trained personnel in further cooperation
Lack of a systematic approach to employee training
High growth in the number of employees, which does not give results
Employees work only under the manager direct supervision
Low motivation among employees
Ineffectual meetings and strategic sessions
The lack of a corporate culture that affects the growth of the company's productivity
The difficulty in implementing new work models, the reluctance of staff to adapt to changes
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