Our approach
We rely on the industry best case practice and guarantee quality solutions
How it works
Starting project
  • We get on a 30 min call, where we discuss your current needs and map out possible solutions
  • We get back to you within the next 48 hours with our proposal for solution and 30 min call to discuss it
  • We get back to you within the next 24 hours with the commercial proposal, outlining the task, work, deadlines and budget and share it with you
Training programs:
  • We conduct research, study your pre-existing documents, audit programs you have
  • We create a methodology for the educational program and present it to you
  • We give you a package of methodological materials and technical task to implement the program

Online courses, longreads and accompanying materials
  • We collect all the information form internal experts
  • We develop and coordinate with you course content using external experts and best practice
  • We prepare the design and production
  • We give you the initial filles and a scorm to deliver on your LM

Support Training programs:
  • You have the opportunity to contact us for technical support or updating of materials
Prompt delivery
We can deliver project solutions within a short time without compromising on quality.
Best Case Practice
We rely on the industry best case practice
and guarantee quality solutions.
Customised solutions
We design customized solutions for each client, ensuring it is fit for purpose and suit your business needs.
Talk to our Learning Space expert about your organisation's unique talent development needs
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